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New game: Splintered Kingdoms

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New game: Splintered Kingdoms

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 22 July 2004, 22:59:36

Tags: Splintered Kingdoms

There's a new indie CRPG in the works, Splintered Kingdoms. Here's a little bit about the dialogue in the game, which doesn't use dialogue trees:

This brings up an important point: now that we can send a message to an NPC, what are we supposed to say? Well, this is where the system shows it’s high points. Players use a series of two-word commands, which consist of a command word and a token. The command word can be one of nine different commands: GREET, WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW, YES, and NO. The token is simply the rest of the string the user types in, but generally should only be one word. For example, to greet an NPC by the name of “Cardob,” the player should type in the following: “Greet Cardob”. This will be considered in game to be a proper greeting, and Cardob would reply appropriately. If something else was typed in, Cardob might give a sarcastic or less friendly response until the player greets him respectfully.​

So, every time I walk up to an NPC, I need to type, GREET NPCGUY or else I get a negative reply? Yeah, that sounds like a LOT of fun, there.

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