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Minions of Mirth first alpha test

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Minions of Mirth first alpha test

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 23 July 2004, 08:14:49

Tags: Minions of Mirth; Prairie Games

Prairie Games has released their first compatability test download for Minions of Mirth. Here's the info scooped from this forum:

Windows version: http://www.prairiegames.com/mom_test1_win32.zip

Windows and OSX source code: http://www.prairiegames.com/mom_test1_src.zip

This release is meant to help us pinpoint any hardware compatibility problems and also to get some early feedback on the game. The primary work has been on the engine and tools, and it shows!

If you are curious about how much work goes into a good RPG, this forum may be of interest... Watch the issues list pile up.

This is not a demo. It's a test. It is NOT representational of the final product. The test is not optimized and unless you have at least 512 megs of system and 64 megs of video ram it is advised that you skip it. I promise there'll be a real demo, some day. For now, this is pretty much an interactive version of the video.

I am holding back the OSX build until I can establish if this was a good idea or not Idea Though, a clever fish could compile their own OSX build if they were so inclined Cool

Otherwise, have fun and PREPARE TO ENTER MINIONS OF MIRTH!!!​

Thanks for the head's up, Josh Ritter!

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