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Fallen Kingdoms announced

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Fallen Kingdoms announced

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 29 July 2004, 18:50:12

Tags: Fallen Kingdoms; Warthog: Texas

Warthog: Texas, formerly Fever Pitch Studios, is hard at work on making a new Action CRPG for both the PC and consoles. You know, because the world just can't have enough RTS developers making Action CRPGs these days, but anyway, it's called Fallen Kingdoms. Here's a list of the features:

  • Stunning 3D World - 3rd-person with rotating camera, parallax bump mapping and self-shadowing create hyper-realistic environments.
  • Advanced Visual Effects - Particles, animation, sound, and lighting interact easily with a node-based editor and playback system.
  • Reactive Combat Choreography - Characters dodge, jump, and parry in synchrony with attackers. Chairs get thrown, higher ground provides advantage.
  • Systemic Environmental Reaction - Fire ignites and spreads, objects serve as weapons or shelter, magic alters the landscape.
  • Branching Quest System - multiple quests and subquests are available at one time.
  • Morality System - Your actions alter the outcome of the story as well as affect character interactions throughout the game..
  • Threaded Loading - No load between maps.
Exitium is going to love this game. The three top most features are about the graphics!

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