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Tower of Doom zaps it's way to 0.0.2

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Tower of Doom zaps it's way to 0.0.2

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 6 August 2004, 16:22:53

Tags: Warp Rogue

While early in development, I thought I'd mention Tower of Doom has reached version 0.0.2. It's a dark futuristic sci-fi meets fantasy style roguelike that features the standard ASCII interface as well as turn based combat. Apparently it also has fairly lofty system requirements to boot, but oh well. Here's a partial list of the new stuff:

  • the simultaneous action system has been removed because of various unfixable problems. The game now uses "traditional" turn-based mode.
  • implemented fate points. They are VERY powerful in Tower of Doom. You can basically threat them as "extra lifes". While your character still has fate points left he won't die, instead he will be "teleported" to a newly created lower (one step down) level with all his stats restored and all negative effects removed.
  • added a new stat for guns: Reload - The number of actions required to reload the weapon
  • dropping an item no longer closes the inventory screen
  • added support for item attributes
  • added support for delayed events (this allows the implementation of stunning, poison etc.)
  • (hopefully) purged all of Games Workshop's trademarks from the game.
  • merged all doc files (except the compile guide) into a single big hypertext (HTML) manual
  • "Extended ASCII" mode removed. The game now uses plain ASCII on all platforms.
  • temporally reduced stats are displayed in yellow and temporally increased stats are displayed in green now
  • the "auto-stairs" and "auto-pickup" behaviours have been removed(auto-open-doors remains). The trigger command is now additionally used to climb stairs and pick up items.
  • added "run" command. Running allows a character to move more than one step in a single Phase if his M stat is high enough.
  • added a basic help screen (command '?'). It only lists available commands and points to the manual.
  • removed "Target too close." rule. While the rule added realism it made using basic and heavy weapons almost pointless, this has become much worse because of the new "running" function. For the moment I've decided that the rule is unsuitable for a small roguelike dungeon. However I will continue tweaking the rules during the futher development of the game so nothing is final.
  • removed the pistol rules. They no longer make sense because of the removal of the "Target too close." rule.
  • AI improvement: NPCs are better at chosing the right weapon now.

Hey, at least it's not another strict fantasy one, right?

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