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Omega Syndrome queries answered

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Omega Syndrome queries answered

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 16 August 2004, 17:23:13

Tags: Omega Syndrome

For those looking for a little more info about Omega Syndrome, David Moffatt, the man behind the game has answered several questions about the game and the background behind it. Here's a snippet:

7.) You've recently decided that Omega Syndrome would be better turn based. Can you tell us why you decided to switch to turn based? How many people requested the change? How does it make the game better, in your opinion?

I've had a strong feeling since its release that Omega Syndrome would be a far better game with turn based combat. Since January I’ve been working to make Omega Syndrome’s control system easy to learn and use. I've had countless people test it over 8 months including friends, relatives and complete strangers and I noticed that the less experienced players found the combat in Omega Syndrome too difficult and were not enjoying the experience. I also noticed that players were more likely to favor ranged weapons in real time mode and this made the combat boring and repetitive. So I decided to write turn-based code for Omega Syndrome and as soon as I tested the first rough version, I knew I had made the right decision. With turn based combat the player can take their time and think about their next move. They also have more options in turn-based mode and can be creative and really mix things up. In one turn the player can break cover, shoot an enemy and then take cover again. Or they can shoot at an enemy and then movecloser to them and stab them. Or they can attack once and end their turn and convert their remaining action points to an armour class bonus. The possibilities turn-based combat offers are endless.​

Hey, it's what made me look twice at the game.

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