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Omega Syndrome upped to 1.92B

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Omega Syndrome upped to 1.92B

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 8 September 2004, 14:03:52

Tags: Omega Syndrome

Omega Syndrome, the Fallout-ish styled turn based, shareware CRPG with the modern day alien invasion theme, has been updated to version 1.92B. What's new? Well, here's what's on their news page about it:

Window Mode!
You can now play THE OMEGA SYNDROME and look at your desk top at the same time! This addition isn't quite right yet, so use it at your own risk. If you move the window off the edge of the screen, it creates a bit of a mess on the screen in Win2000. You can fix this by minimising and maximising the game screen. I'll have to wait for an answer from my developer friends before I can get it to work perfectly.

You can access the window mode control in the preferences screen. For now it is an ugly hexagon. It will look better on the next update. You can also scroll the screen using the arrow keys as well as the mouse.

You have to know what you are doing to use this 1 megabyte file. It has to be put in the directory C:\Program Files\AusGameDev\OmegaSyndrome\ You must also delete a file in the same directory called config.dat or it will not work.
Click here to get the file

Otherwise you can download the full 11 megabyte demo.

Bug Fix!
Some minor tweaks associated with travel and proximity triggers.​
I like a windowed mode. More games need to include them.

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