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New Game: Dungeon Maker

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New Game: Dungeon Maker

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 10 September 2004, 18:04:15

Tags: Dungeon Maker

Yet another first person, old school dungeon crawler creation kit, this one is dubbed Dungeon Maker. It boasts lots of goodies, including Dot3 bumpmapping which Exitium should like since he's a graphics whore. There's currently an alpha version available for you to check out.

Here's a little from their About part of the site:
Dungeon Maker is a game made by Wishbone as was inspired by all the old Dungeon Crawler games like Bloodwych, Dungeon Master, Eye Of The Beholder. The idea behind Dungeon Maker is to remake all these old games in a updated engine using all the latest features that PC's can do these days i.e. 3D but to also keep the feel of playing a old classic. The beauty of Dungeon Maker is that its a game plus a game maker so its fully editable so people can remake there own games.

Well, it's pretty. You can't really deny that.

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