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CVG trashes ShadowFlare

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CVG trashes ShadowFlare

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 25 October 2002, 03:39:30

Tags: Shadowflare

CVG has posted a really, really, really brief review of ShadowFlare, giving it a 28%. Here's the review:

24 Oct 02 You must be Diablo and I claim my five pounds. Well it might as well be. Confused? Let me explain. If we were playing 20 questions and you asked: Is it an RPG? Do you play in a low resolution? Has it got a minimal storyline? Is it full of repetitive mouse clicking? Do you battle relentless hordes? Do you start out in a small town? Do you wander around fields and dungeons completing simple missions? Do you slowly level up your stats? And do you gain an ever more powerful supply of weapons? Can you also cast magic? Do you constantly have to unload your inventory in order to pick up everything? Do you carry on this cycle until the end?

And if I nodded yes, you'd have jumped up and shouted Diablo. And I'd have shaken my head and said no. But if you'd asked more questions: Does it do nothing to improve on Diablo? Have these people never played Diablo 2? Or Dungeon Siege? Are the levels so unimaginative that they all look the same? Have they mostly done nothing but change the colour palette for the enemies as they get harder? Is there little variation between the look of weapons? Do you keep having to identify the potentially useful weapons with a merchant despite having done so hundreds of times before? Is it ridiculously tough? Is it a boring repetitious mess of unoriginality not worth dragging yourself through?


Honestly, that's the whole review. Two and a half paragraphs.

Snagged from RPGDot

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