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Testers wanted for ShadowFlare, episode 2

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Testers wanted for ShadowFlare, episode 2

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 25 October 2002, 03:47:33

Tags: Shadowflare

That's right, if the item below doesn't scare you away, you can sign up to be a tester on Episode 2 of ShadowFlare. Before you sign your life away, here are the terms:

Terms of Agreement:
You must be owners of ShadowFlare: Episode One, which went on sale on October 8th, to qualify as ShadowFlare: Episode Two testers.

While playing the preview version of ShadowFlare: Episode Two, you will submit an error report for each grammatical error in dialogue, strange or inappropriate dialogue, game inconsistency, or minor bug that you encounter. Game players are also encouraged to offer suggestions for improving the game play or dialogue. All game errors will be corrected in the final version of ShadowFlare to be released on December 10th.

All error reports must be submitted by November 7th.​

Though, if you think you've got what it takes for this, I recommend you try the demo for this game first.

I spotted this tidbit at the dot.

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