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Omega Syndrome demo restrictions lessened

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Omega Syndrome demo restrictions lessened

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 16 October 2004, 23:03:53

Tags: Australian Game Developers; Omega Syndrome

Australian Game Developers' turn based, UFO hunter CRPG, Omega Syndrome has been updated to version 1.96. The new version has a new tutorial level, several fixes and improvements, and removes some of the restrictions the previous demos have had. Here's the update info per the official site:

If you already own OS you have to download the demo and add on packs to play the whole game. However if you just want to see the new tutorial level all you need is the demo.

Brand New Tutorial Level!
This one is set in Gamma 15. One of MJ-12's underground bases. It has a lot more detail than the previous tutorial and is less intrusive. You can also talk to several people on this level and learn a few things.

Improved Fog Of War!
The black artifacts left on walls and passageways as you pass them have been removed.

Field Unit's Help Panel Improved!
MJ-12's scientists and techs have been working hard to improve the Field Unit's Help Panel. They have written descriptions for each screen and improved the instructions.

Bug Fix!
Found and stomped a bug affecting fleeing creatures. Sometimes they would get stuck in a corner and their combat turn would never end.

Demo Restrictions Removed!
I removed the no loading and saving of games restriction and the number of uses limit from the demo as some people need more time to learn OS.

Coming Soon!
New areas and quests. Stay tuned folks!​

All in all, sounds like a great update. The tutorial originally was pretty bland, and less restrictions on the demo is a pretty damned good thing for those who wanted to check things out in the Fallout-like shareware title.

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