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SS:: Sentiels chat log

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SS:: Sentiels chat log

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Fri 22 October 2004, 04:20:30

Tags: Nival Interactive; Silent Storm: Sentinels

Earlier today, StrategyCore held a dev chat about Silent Storm and its expansion. The log of this chat is now up for your reading pleasure. And hey, looks like our pals Briosafreak and Whipporowhil were in attendance.

Placid: Have you started a new project yet? I know there are quite a few people out there that wish for you to use that fine S3 engine for a Fallout or X-Com like game... ;)
Nival: Well, Yes, actually, at the Russian market we have announced our new title - "NightWatch". This the TBS game and is based on the S2/S3 engine. The game is set in the modern fantasy world of the popular book by Lukyanenko - extremly popular Russian author.
But, nevertheless, we're thinking about the next game in the world of Silent Storm.

Sounds interesting. At least it's 'modern' fantasy.

And here's a snippet from the chat the guys at RPGDot spotted that's not quite Silent Storm but still interesting...

Arach: Will Gothic II : Night of the Raven be published in the UK, US? Additonally, anything on Gothic 3?
JoWooD: We are working on that =)
Gothic 3 will come at end of 2005

So rejoice, ye Gothic fans who've been jerked around by Atari!

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