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ShadowFlare makes with the matches

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ShadowFlare makes with the matches

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 26 October 2002, 21:24:21

Tags: Shadowflare

ShadowFlare now offers a downloadable match making client for those interested in playing online. Here's what they say:

This program enables you to connect to the Denyusha ShadowFlare server where you can meet other players and organize online games.

You might meet players who play the Japanese version, or other language versions, of ShadowFlare. Players of any language version can play together. Obviously, if the players don't share a language, they will have difficulty chatting during the game but they will still be able to play together.

There is no monthly fee for this service. Please read the manual before you use this program.

No support is provided for this program. The server may be down occasionally for maintenance or testing.​

Spotted this over at RPG Vault.

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