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GameZilla on ShadowFlare

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GameZilla on ShadowFlare

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 29 October 2002, 20:02:35

Tags: Shadowflare

GameZilla has posted their take on the Japanese clicky chopfest RPG-like, ShadowFlare. Here's a bit of the review:

It should also be important to mention that this game does not feature turn-based combat. It’s all real-time hacking and slashing ala Diablo, but on a much more rudimentary level. An important feature as this will make or break it with some die-hard RPG gamers.

I almost scored this game a “Not Recommended” and went back and forth several times. There are some real redeeming qualities about this title (like the following three episodes will be available for download) and the almost endless action, but players should know that the graphics honestly stink and that its sound is so awful I can’t find adjectives to describe them. I suggest that if this title even moderately interests you should download the trial version at www.shadowflare.us.​

Yup, he's right, it's much less involving than Diablo.

Spotted this at Blues

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