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Maximus XV trashed at Gamers Hell

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Maximus XV trashed at Gamers Hell

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 13 December 2004, 13:09:24

Tags: Rebelmind; Space Hack

Gamers Hell has posted a very negative review of Maximus XV Abraham Strong, a game with the most <s>idiotic</s> innovative and liked by some people name, giving it 2.2 and trashing every aspect of the game.

If RPG’s are your thing, this game just won’t do it for you. The RPG elements are minor and limited to the choosing of your heroes’ weaponry and accessories. There is a skills system but it’s made up of only four areas, strength, dexterity, knowledge and endurance; the impact of these, from my experience anyway, doesn’t really amount to much. You can choose obviously to focus on developing you strength and dexterity and thereby becoming a more effective melee combat character or instead you can focus on knowledge which permits you access to better technology and therefore weaponry or you could do what I did and raise all your stats evenly and do what you please. The skills system like so many RPG’s has no real tangible effect on the game. As with every futuristic RPG there is the inclusion of biochip upgrades but these aren’t nearly as exciting as they may at first sound. All we are talking about here is your most basic RPG spells, such as slow time, freeze or mind control. Abraham Strong or ‘MXVASSM’ as I like to call it is not for the RPG enthusiasts amongst you.​
Hmm, MXVASSM definitely sounds like a fitting name

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