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The Roots Interviewed at FileFront

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The Roots Interviewed at FileFront

Interview - posted by Exitium on Sat 12 February 2005, 13:28:25

Tags: Roots, The; Tannhauser Gate

Tannhauser Gate, the developers of the upcoming CRPG, The Roots, has been given an <a href=http://articles.filefront.com/The_Roots_Interview/;424;;;/article.html>interview[/url] at FileFront. Here's a little mouth stuffing:

Q: The press release for The Roots describes it as turn-based, real-time combat. Could you explain exactly what that means, and how one game can be both?

A: I admit the description can be misleading but let me try to explain the combat system in The Roots. Combat is no doubt among the most vital game elements. Battle system in The Roots is a mixture of a turn-based board game and a real-time action one. There are no conventional turns, for each character has its own initiative regeneration speed, and his/her “turn” is independent.

And so, while the combat system in The Roots should be described as ‘turn-based’ it carries a few unique elements, which make the game more similar to the real-time or even tactical games. Namely, there are turns when certain characters take action, but the player is given additional control over each of the party members – it is possible to decide for example on the place characters will take after executing the attack.

In addition to that, the initiative being one of the elements that describes any player character contributes to the tactical aspect of the combat. The initiative factor allowed for reengineering the classical turn based combat into a unique system which gives players more control and encourages taking a more tactical approach to battles.​
Translation: It's basically a real time game with a timer on the attack.

Now, how difficult was that to say? There's nothing particularly turn-based about this game, so the only reason I can think of mentioning something like this is to talk about some non-existent 'innovation'. Would the timer on the Frozen Orb spell in Diablo 2 count as 'turn-based', too?

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