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Hammer & Sickle Mod Becomes Full Game

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Hammer & Sickle Mod Becomes Full Game

Game News - posted by Exitium on Fri 25 February 2005, 14:41:43

Tags: Nival Interactive

Are you ready for some great news? It looks like Nival's contacted the developers of the Hammer & Sickle mod for Silent Storm to develop it into a full blown game. Wolf Pack had this to say on the English Nival forums:

Sickle&Hammer is not a mod anymore... We help Novik and his friends to make it a full-blown game!

The game was announced in Russian yesterday. We're looking for a western publisher for this game and then when everything's settled, we announce Sickle in English.

Here's what the game is all about:
What sets this game apart from S3 ?

In short:
1949 sets the scene for the game. The main action takes place at the Allies occupation area in Germany, somewhere in Bavaria and adjacent territories.

You're a Soviet military intelligence operative sent to this area to establish contact with Polish group, which acted aginst Nazis during the War, but dissappeared. Sudden reappearance of this group and repeating attempts to contact with Soviet intelligence seem quite strange and worrying...
Your mission is to infiltrate the occupation area, find the group and make the things clear. Although the mission looks simple enough, the things get weird.

Main Features:
- grasping non-linear plot
- large and free gaming world (fallout-style) which reacts to your actions (if you wipe out a village, you'll be sought for and non-welcomed in this area), your actions in one location may influence the other locations.
- detailed heroes and relations between team members (e.g. rogue mercenary refuses to ambush his friends, turns agressive and things like that)
- relations between various renegade groups, criminals and intelligence agencies
- non-linear dialogues and "quests"
- "karma" count (too negative means you started the WWIII)
- game time - clocks are ticking and you may find that you're too late for some events (ambush a convoy or meet with an informer, steal documents while a person is not at home)
- clothes and documents - proper clothes and (fake) IDs may help you to walk freely and unquestioned whereever you like.
E.g. dashing woodland fighter weilding a tommy gun will immediately draw police attention in a town, while civil garments will help you stay relatively intact.

Well, that's for the starters.

The official website has been launched in Russian today, so it looks like it's the real deal. It won't be long before there's an English website.

There's a bunch of screenshots available, and it looks pretty damn fine from where I'm standing.

Thanks Olav Lognvik!

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