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Omega Syndrome flows to 2.02

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Omega Syndrome flows to 2.02

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 4 April 2005, 19:11:01

Tags: Australian Game Developers; Omega Syndrome

Omega Syndrome has a new version, and here's the juicy bits:

2ND APRIL 2005

Changes To Quests!

The demo has been altered. One area was clipped because it didn't have enough of a reason to be there and it hindered the game's flow. Another area had another quest and some little extras added to it.

New Ability For Reptoids!
The Reptoids have been given a new ability that makes them harder to kill. You'll have to play it to see what I mean.

If you already own OS and want to play VER 2.02, you have to download the latest versions of the Demo and Add On 1.​
Reptoids are the greys, right? If so, I get my ass handed to me by those guys in the demo before this!

Thanks, Mr. Teatime of DAC!

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