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Omega Syndrome encounters version 2.07

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Omega Syndrome encounters version 2.07

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 2 May 2005, 17:01:09

Tags: Omega Syndrome

The pulp alien invasion CRPG Omega Syndrome has been updated to version 2.07. Here's a list of what's new and wonderful:

2ND MAY 2005

Encounter Screen Improved!

Some people were complaining about the black areas on the HUD in the Encounter Screen. These are now transparent when the Encounter Screen Size is set to maximum.

New Hotkey!
One of our players requested a hotkey to toggle between real time and turn based combat mode. This is now in. Press F1 to see the Quick Keys Screen.

1) If you already own Omega Syndrome and want the improvements associated with VER 2.07, you *must* get the latest versions of the Demo and Add On 1.
2) The passwords to the addon files have been changed. If you want to download them again send an email to david_moffatt@hotmail.com
Not a huge update, really. Still nice to see work continuing on it, though.

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