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New game: Avencast

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New game: Avencast

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 22 June 2005, 07:56:30

Tags: Avencast

Fez just stumbled across a new indie action CRPG called Avencast. Not too much about it other than it's 3D, it's actiony, and there's a 53MB *BETA* demo of it. Oh, and screenshots. Here's what the about page says about it:
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"AVENCAST" is a 3D role-playing game in the classic fantasy genre. In the demo version you adapt the role of a novice in the magic academy of Avencast. As a delegation of villagers comes to the academy to seek help, you get your first chance to prove yourself worthy of becoming a magician. You agree to travel to the village Aramelund, which is haunted by an ignominious creature and a deadly spell. Now all the villagers put their trust in YOU…​
Well, if they're putting their trust in me, they're just asking for pain.

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