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Omega Syndrome gets tweaked

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Omega Syndrome gets tweaked

Development Info - posted by Fez on Wed 29 June 2005, 06:32:09

Tags: Omega Syndrome

Omega Syndrome has now been updated to version 2.11 and has had some notable changes:

Improved Creature AI!
Creatures can now flee when they've lost too many hit points, or have been crippled. All creatures have their own "to hit" value at which they prefer to attack. Creatures now make complaints about the area that is hit on their bodies, when they suffer critical hits. Combat taunts are greatly improved and foul language has been added to increase realism.

Language Filter!
A language filter was added to the Preferences Screen, giving more sensitive players the option to censor all profanities. The default setting for the language filter is "On".

Changes To Character Portraits!
Brand new pre-rendered character portraits have been added to improve the look of the game. The animations of some of the player characters have been changed to give them more personality.​

Smarter and prettier - just remember that your old save games will not work with this version.

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