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New SCI-FI action RPG - Shadowground

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New SCI-FI action RPG - Shadowground

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 6 February 2006, 14:52:31

Tags: Shadowgrounds

Shadow Ground is a new action RPG (click here for a demo - 383MB) set on Ganimede in the year 2096. The game features upgradeable weapons, destructible environment, stunning visuals, epic story, and all kinda other crap that people are supposed to get excited about. However, the game is isometric (click here for screenshots), so if it comes with a semi-decent character system, it may be entertaining.

Shadowgrounds brings fresh air to the action genre with its unique perspective, explosive action sequences, innovative weapon upgrade system and a well-developed story. Addictive gameplay and audiovisual fireworks set the scene for a near-future tale of epic heights.
Use a devastating arsenal of high-tech weaponry to dispose of the alien threat. Each weapon has multiple upgrades that maximize the carnage. Examples include a pinpoint laser that cuts the aliens in half and and a railgun that fires wall-bouncing bullets - kill several aliens with only one shot!
Old-school attitude, modern effects (including the awesome flamethrower!)​
We need a volunteer who'd bravely download the game and tell us if it's any good.

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