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Titan Quest interview at RPG Dot

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Titan Quest interview at RPG Dot

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 16 March 2006, 15:27:18

Tags: Iron Lore; Titan Quest

RPG Dot's ninjas have tracked down Titan Quest's Brian Sullivan and asked him some questions:

You've avoided discussing the story so far - what are you able to tell us about it? How important is the story to the core gameplay?

We are still holding off on the details of the story, but it is epic in scale and was written by quite an accomplished writer.
Sounds comforting

You have revealed that there are 28 different class combinations, based on combining 8 "mini-classes". Can you elaborate on this system? What are the 8 mini-classes?

We have 8 mini-classes or skill masteries, of which a character will eventually be able to select two. This gives 28 total class combinations, and allows for a lot of character customization and replay fun. We have class combinations that support archetypal character classes such as warrior and mage, but we also provide for many mixed classes where you can be a warrior mage, or a warrior with a pet, or a healer rogue, etc. We also unlock higher level spells through the application of skill points instead of gating them by character level. This allows a player to put skill points in unlocking higher level skills early, or putting a lot of points into lower level skills instead.

The skill masteries are: Defensive, Earth, Hunting, Nature, Rogue, Spirit, Storm, and Warfare.
Sounds boring and uninspiring.

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