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Night Watch first look at GameSpot

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Night Watch first look at GameSpot

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 23 March 2006, 17:58:35

Tags: Night Watch; Nival Interactive

GameSpot has posted one of those first look article, dedicated to Nival's Night Watch:

Fortunately, he'll be armed with one of the most satisfying tactical strategy systems to date: the same technology that powered the outstanding sleeper Silent Storm. While there won't be quite as many spectacular explosions or as much environmental destruction as in that game (and the new game won't offer as many stealth options), Night Watch will still offer the intuitive and flexible round-based battles the engine is known for. Like in other tactical games, such as Jagged Alliance 2 and the Fallout role-playing series, Night Watch's combat will be turn-based and will give each character a certain number of "action points" (or "AP") per turn, which can be used to move, climb, draw weapons, attack, reload weapons, and use magic spells. Players will also have a limited magic meter that will replenish slowly each round of combat (and replenish continuously outside of combat, during which the game takes place in real time).
I'm not excited about this game for some reasons, but tactical turn-based combat is always welcome in these parts.

Thanks, kumquatq3

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