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Titan Quest may and or may not have dialogue. You decide!

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Titan Quest may and or may not have dialogue. You decide!

Development Info - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 14 April 2006, 07:39:19

Tags: Titan Quest

There's a developer blog up at IGN which is all about the "dialogue" in Titan Quest.
For Titan Quest, we decided early on that the fast-paced, action-packed direction of the game did not have room for dialog trees. They’re great in other, slower RPGs, but we wanted something more... more instant gratification. We went with the “One Click Conversation” – you click, they talk. So that there was no danger that the elegance of this design be mistaken for shallowness or simplicity, we threw in some extra dialog. Actually, we threw in a lot of extra dialog. Find a talking NPC in the game and talk to him or her (that would be a click, sir). Try it again. Again. And again. Keep going...

Golly gosh, we wouldn't want to upset the "elegance" by not throwing in more dialogue! There's a rather nice bit later where they say "To begin with, you, the hero, don’t say anything. You just click." Strange, that's how I thought it always worked?

Anyway, here's the final sum-up from them:
It was a lot of work, and, when I got into the groove of it, a lot of fun. Even though nine out of ten gamers might not notice, I’m proud to say that we’ve put this extra level of detail, care, and realism into our dialog.

Remember: You just click! That's care and realism right there folks!

Spotted at: RPGDot

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