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Just RPG reviews Shadowflare Episode 1

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Just RPG reviews Shadowflare Episode 1

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 19 November 2002, 20:52:29

Tags: Shadowflare

Just RPG has done their review of Shadowflare, the Japanese imported, Diablo-ish game. They liked it for some reason I can't fathom, and ended up giving it an (90%) A mark. Here's a bit of the love:

ShadowFlareexudes simplicity and style within every facet from its simple and engaging gameplay design, storyline, use of mines and animal companions as well as other impressive features. It does this with such charm and grace that needs to be applauded. Even more impressive is that Emurasoft is recruiting players to test pre-release versions of each episode so that gamers can find any bugs or provide suggestions on how to improve aspects of the game, such as in the style of dialogue used. ShadowFlare is the type of game that you can easily pick up and play and absorb yourself in for many hours as you witness many of the stunning gameplay features. The 2D graphics do a fine job in displaying many of the items that your hero wields to the look of villages, dungeons, forests and other areas you will traverse in. Just look at the impressive detail evident within the screenshots and you will see immense detail put into many areas within the game world from richly crafted armor to flaming swords and even more exquisitely detailed enemy designs. An attention to detail and design went into many of the areas which you can see as you view the houses, mechanical contraptions scattered about the areas or the way dungeons were finely crafted in the game.​

Hmmm. I'm speechless.

Spotted this over at Blue's News.

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