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Titan Quest gets some love from Shack News

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Titan Quest gets some love from Shack News

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 26 June 2006, 18:20:45

Tags: Titan Quest

There's a big review of Titan Quest over at Shack News. It's mostly a comparason with Diablo, but the reviewer seems to conclude the game stands well enough on it's own. Of course, that's probably something that should be discussed a month after the game comes out, but hey. Here's a clip:
The map system is my only real complaint. In the upper-right corner of your screen you have a small compass map that shows what surrounds your immediate vicinity (NPCs, shrines, et cetera). By pressing the Map key, you can look at a much larger portion of the game world—but unless you're already moving, you cannot run around with the map on. What's more, the map isn't transparent, so even if you could move with the map active, you couldn't really see what's coming at you. Yes, the map has handy icons that represent almost everything you need to see, such as NPCs; Quests; shrines, POIs (Points of Interest; usually optional areas like caves); and vendors. However, I honestly cannot remember playing Diablo II without the map on so that I could easily see what ground I've covered and what I've yet to explore. Yes, the map in TQ is prettier and in a sense far more handy, but the fact that you have to stop every 5-10 steps and open the map to see where you need to go is extremely trivial.

The compass seemed fairly useless to me as well.

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