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Titan Quest okay to GameSpot

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Titan Quest okay to GameSpot

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 27 June 2006, 17:24:51

Tags: Titan Quest

GameSpot gives Titan Quest a 7.6/10 in their review of the recently released action CRPG which most reviewers agree is a little too close to Diablo without adding anything new. Of course, they agree that's not entirely a bad thing because Blizzard won't be releasing a game like this for a few years. Anyway, the character system:
What makes the mastery system even more interesting is that, a few levels later, you're given the choice of adding a second mastery, letting you further diversify your character's skills and making him or her that much more unique. Hardened RPG players should be intimately familiar with the regular desire to reroll a character after discovering that a particular class isn't to their liking. The mastery system in Titan Quest sidesteps that by letting you cobble together your own custom character class, and, should you find that you're not really using some of the skills that you've spent points on, you'll regularly run into non-player characters that will, for a fee, let you reallocate skill points. The generally flexible attitude toward character development is definitely one of the more clever aspects of Titan Quest, and it goes a long way toward keeping you from ever feeling like you're stuck with yesterday's bad decision.

What's clever about it? It's not like anyone hasn't thought of the idea of allowing you to redo your character mid-game before and there's a more clever reason for not doing it.

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