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Titan Quest acceptable to 1Up

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Titan Quest acceptable to 1Up

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 27 June 2006, 17:34:41

Tags: Titan Quest

1Up has also reviewed that Titan Quest game. Here's a bit on fun:
Then again, you have to like the game in the first place for replay value to matter, and Titan Quest isn't without its share of potential turnoffs. Be warned: This is an action-RPG with the emphasis squarely on the "action." There's no time for consideration, and the game doesn't require or reward it. This action-heavy bent means you'll be constantly left-clicking throughout Titan Quest. As Sullivan puts it: "Your character never does anything without you, including fighting. When your character auto-fights, it ceases to be you, and it takes you out of our immersive world. So, our feeling is the more clicks, the more fun!" If you feel the same way, this is your game. If you're prone to carpal-tunnel, though, make sure you have a bottle of Aleve at the ready, or your mouse may prove to be the game's toughest opponent.

I tend to agree with that statement at least. The more passive a combat system, the less interested I am in what's going on. Then again, there's also a feeling of too little to do with too many clicks that can bring this feeling down as well. Been There, Done That, Nothing New also lowers fun.

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