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Brian Sullivan chats with Gamasutra

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Brian Sullivan chats with Gamasutra

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 21 July 2006, 21:34:27

Tags: Titan Quest

There's an article format interview with Brian Sullivan over on Gamasutra which talks about the development of Titan Quest. Here's a more broad picture of things:
"The game marketplace is currently undergoing a lot of change, with the success of World of Warcraft and other MMOs, the rise of console gaming and what looks like a very long transition to next-generation, the rise of handheld gaming (especially with the DS), and the huge increase in development costs," Sullivan said. "It is harder than ever to figure out how to be successful in this market."

That certainly doesn’t mean he feels the market is closed, however. Sullivan went on to say that he thinks big budget retail PC games will survive and thrive because they provide some of the best game play experiences of a kind that cannot be matched on console or in an MMOG. He also cited the fact that shooters, strategy games and western-style role playing games can really take advantage of the keyboard, mouse and extremely high resolution monitor that a PC provides, and will continue to provide a superior play experience for these types of games in comparison to a console. He did go on to say, however, that while Iron Lore has no current plans to port Titan Quest to the console, it is certainly not outside the realm of possibility.

Re-invent the wheel while hyping as much as possible. That seems to be the best way these days.

Spotted at: Shack News

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