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Titan Quest gets mad love from Gamerz Edge

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Titan Quest gets mad love from Gamerz Edge

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 8 August 2006, 18:38:24

Tags: Titan Quest

Gamerz Edge has written a happy review of Titan Quest. The score breakdown is in the high 8s and 9s with a 9.8/10 going to Depth. The final score is 9.2/10 and this is the general summary:
Titan Quest is one of those games that I have to play for hours at a time. Fighting, exploring, trading, leveling, talking with the NPCs and just marveling at the superb visuals makes this game a whole lot of fun. The game has a superb pace and offers a good challenge. It’s challenging, but if you play smart, everything is possible in this game. If you do happen to die and you didn’t Save, you know that you’re at least not too awfully far from where you were. I love how the Quests are always clear and sensible, too. I have yet to embark on a quest that got me completely lost or didn’t make sense to the story or at least the characters involved. The map and the ability to warp between different areas makes getting around efficient and purposeful, which also adds to how fun this game is since you spend less time lost and retracing steps and more time making progress. Titan Quest becomes only more fun when you play cooperatively with a friend or five.

Wow, all those things must get significantly more fun later on in the game than what's seen in the demo, because none of those were a whole lot of fun. How "talking" with the NPCs is any fun at all escape me considering you just click on them and all they do is spew forth a sound file.

Spotted at: Blue's News

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