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Lethal Dreams Update

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Lethal Dreams Update

Game News - posted by Exitium on Sat 23 November 2002, 21:07:19

Tags: Lethal Dreams: The Circle of Fate

The official website of Lethal Dreams, Russobit-M's strategy/RPG amalgamation has been updated with a quad of new screenshots of the game in play. Needless to say, it looks very pretty, so take a look.

But that's not all, the updates also comes with a press release:

Lethal Dreams

Developer: Boolat Games

Category: RPG strategy

This story began in wonderful city Chron in the world Adanu. Six young magicians - Zerin, Mirtis, Cruan, Sirimbe, Verithion and Inanna - from nation Alvern had been studying the basics of the magic with Wintrix, the famous Master of All Paths.

Once an astral pilgrims presented to Wintrix a beautiful crystal flower that was found in one outmost world. It seemed that the artifact possessed enormous hidden power and unknown abilities.

One evening after invisible wave of tremendous power broke out from the Wintrix's cabinet the students found out that their teacher disappeared. The crystal flower buzzed like a cracked bell and radiated gradually fading light. And one of its petal vanished.

What really happened? Who can survive in that hostile world? Who can resist insane agony of those miserable more-dead-than-alive?

Key Features
  • You will move to the way out of the existing situation through the multitude of different worlds' (more then 60) incarnations. These are worlds' incarnations created by a power of mind of unique by nature creatures, named people.
  • Unique spells (more than 40) of your Magic School will help you to prevail over your enemy even if he is much stronger than you. Your creatures (more than 40) that called for will help you to capture more and more domains. And your diplomatic talent will allow you to win over to your side a great number of NPC allies.
  • Solve a riddle of this world and may be after that you will be allowed to know it's the deepest secrets and to test the power of the Greatest of the Alverns.
Target Audience: RPG and strategy fans​
Source: RPGDot.

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