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Ken Rolston's RPG is announced. Sorta.

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Ken Rolston's RPG is announced. Sorta.

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 3 May 2007, 18:53:43

Tags: Ken Rolston's RPG

As you may know, Ken Rolston, the creative genius behind super hits like Morrowind and Oblivion, was dragged out of retirement by Big Huge Games to work on a super awesome RPG for "for Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows PC". Yes, in this order. Here are the details and an interview:

Ken Rolston, you're a legend in the RPG field, both electronic and paper-and-pencil. Where would you like to take the genre next? What innovations can we expect?

Rolston: I'm actually a pretty conservative variety of visionary. In addition to our brilliant but secret central premise, and the addition of four or five original amazing major features and implementations we can't Wait to Reveal at a Later Date, I just want to make everything... story, characters, exploration, themes, setting, interactivity, entertainment, world class whacking and looting... just a little more perfect in every way.
My role model is Tolkien. Create a rich setting with profound themes, then create a varied cast of characters and an epic saga to guide the pilgrim through that setting. It's a simple scheme... but very hard to execute For the Ages.​

As the lead designer on Oblivion, what did you learn about developing for the 360 so that you can make an even better product on that platform this time, or were you frustrated by any of the console's limitations?

Rolston: The 360 is a wonderful platform. I just want to do a better job of exploiting its many virtues... the Xbox Live achievements, for example.​
That's what the genre has been missing - more Xbox achievements.

Ken, what kind of feedback have you gotten on Oblivion that you can apply to help make a better RPG with Big Huge Games and THQ?

Usability. I was shocked to discover how difficult getting started in Oblivion was for some casual gamers, and even for some experienced fans of the genre. And the interface is an amazing triumph in many ways, but still requires way too many clicks and too much of a lifetime spent in 'Menuland.'​
In other words, Oblivion wasn't dumbed down enough, but Ken is working on it as we speak. Great news!

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