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Titan Quest: Immortal Throne pretty good for Pro-G

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Titan Quest: Immortal Throne pretty good for Pro-G

Review - posted by Role-Player on Thu 10 May 2007, 18:58:03

Tags: Iron Lore; Titan Quest

Aside carrying that pimp mastah name, Pro-G also has a new Titan Quest: Immortal Throne review. They seem to think the game is worthy of an 8/10, and spend some time going over all of its virtues:
Nearly all of the improvements that have been made are the ones that any sensible gamer would have asked for. New to the world of Titan Quest are the Caravan Drivers, that allow the easy movement of large inventories of items between characters, and Enchanters who can un-enhance your favourite weapon so that you can attach that more powerful upgrade you have been desperate to try out. Mind you, nothing is free, even in ancient Greece...

A real favourite of mine is the inventory sort button, definitely not an ancient Greek invention. This 21st century luxury tidies up your inventory to make treasure gathering even easier than before. Other useful features include undo buttons on all upgrade screens to help you get the most of your experience points, there's also a new experience bar which allows you to see just how close you are to getting that next vital level-up. Less useful but high on the "oh-that's-good-o-meter" are the pretty ocean waves and the footprints that follow you around as well as the gamma slider, for instant atmosphere.
Who gives a damn about lore or setting when you can simply adjust the brightness?

Spotted at: Pro-G

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