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Golden Land Combat Feature at RPGDot

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Golden Land Combat Feature at RPGDot

Preview - posted by Mistress on Thu 28 November 2002, 02:41:03

Tags: Golden Land

RPGDot has posted their second feature on Golden Land, this time focusing on combat (which happens to be turn-based, yay!). The feature includes a short Q&A with developers Burut.

Here's a taster:

Under normal circumstances the game is played in real time. However in the case of an enemy encounter the combat system kicks in and it switches into a turn-based mode. In this mode the concept of action points is used, where the player has a certain number of these action points that he can distribute in any way he wants. Anything the player wants to do in combat mode will cost some action points. However you don't have to use all allotted action points in your turn. Any unused action points can be used to strike back during the enemy's turn as well. In the opinion of the developers, this system gives the player more options and a more accurate control. It will give the player the possibility to show his tactical abilities. His success or failure will depend not only on his reactions but also on the strategy that is chosen.

Weapons and armor:
There are 15 types of weapons in the game such as swords, axes, spears, firearms, ranged weapons, crushing weapons etc.

Armor is divided into 4 types - helmets, armor, shields and leg-pads.

Ranged weapons such as crossbows and bows use various types of ammunition such as different types of arrows and bolts. The inflicted damage differs depending on the type of ammo used.

During combat, your weapons and armor could wear out when it is being used, which influences their effectiveness. Weapons cause less damage and armor looses its defensive properties. You will have to take good care of your inventory and repair your weapons in time, so that your sword is always sharp and will not fall into pieces in battle. Whenever that happens it's good to have another weapon in one of the available weapon quick slots though."​

I noticed this in the Game Info:

"Over 400 unique racy characters with different appearance, attitude and behavior"​

Racy and turn-based. Sweet!

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