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Dungeon Hero overview

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Dungeon Hero overview

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 17 July 2007, 17:01:49

Tags: Dungeon Hero; Firefly Studios

Dungeon Hero is an action RPG with a twist. The developers are on a mission to correct the misconceptions about dungeons and show you what a real dungeon looks, feels, and plays like.

GameSpot E3 impressions:

Remember the discussion in the movie Clerks where the two main characters sympathize with all those contractors who must have been killed when those dastardly rebels blow up the Death Star? That's sort of the philosophy behind Dungeon Hero, a 2009 action game that will have you playing a hero trying to defend poor goblins in a dungeon from evil creatures and annoying adventurers.

Firefly's biggest problem with dungeons in most games is that they don't make sense. Think about it. You'll delve down into a dungeon and encounter monsters whose sole purpose in life is to stand around in the dark until an adventurer comes to kill them. Dungeon Hero looks to solve that problem by creating an underground city and society that makes sense. The main goblin city in the game is divided into four districts, each of which has a distinct purpose and role in the game. And while the goblins are at the heart of the game, you won't play as one. Instead, you'll play as a human mercenary who the goblins hire to save them after a goblin miner manages to dig a bit too deep and opens a fissure to someplace he shouldn't have. So now the goblins need, well, a hero.

Your job as that hero will be to battle the monsters coming out of the fissure, as well as the occasional surface adventurer who comes into the dungeon looking for treasure.​
Sounds very promising.

IGN E3 preview:

We were shown a short cinematic video with a goblin complaining about adventurers. They're always invading his city, breaking his stuff, and looking for treasure chests they apparently assume the goblins just leave lying around. The monster goes on to explain how he lives, has to go to work, and doesn't have health care.

Their home, Goldstar City, reflects their diversity and attempts at leading normal lives. It's divided into four quadrants, Birch, The Greys, Oak, and Willow. Birch is the most religious district, where the goblins worship trees and preach arboreal sermons from street-side pulpits. The Greys are the slums, a district within which FireFly is trying to achieve Blade Runner-esque steamy streets and dirty walls. Oak is the industrial center of the city; mining and crafting war weaponry being the main professions. It seems the goblins are almost constantly at war with another group of the same species, the Red Eye clan. Finally, the Willow district is the mercantile hub of the metropolis.​
Interest ++

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