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New free form RPG: Legend

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New free form RPG: Legend

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 2 September 2007, 17:15:47

Tags: Legend

Meet Legend: Forge Your Destiny. According to the website, it's the next evolution in free roam cause-and-affect based RPGs. I was told that the game is being developed by former Oblivion modders, but the concept is promising, so take a look:

Putting the Depth back into RPGs. Achieved via: a) Comprehensive history, races & politics b) Immersive storytelling, emotion & action c) Diverse environments, gameplay & characters d) Introduction of Maelor; The Law of Attraction with Cause & Effect!

Key Feature - 'Maelor' ::

Every character has a Maelor Alignment, the 'Law of Attraction' determines opportunities - friendly or hostile interactions, quest versions, conversations & conflict. The Players actions alter this alignment, in-turn affecting their experience via 'Cause & Effect'.

:: Feature List

* Huge Regional Game World of Taos; 32 square kilometres of numerous terrain & environment types
* Endless replayability owing to unique Maelor System based on the Law of Attraction with Cause & Effect
* Episodic Released Regions provide the Player increasing motivation, choices and replayability
* Rich Character Development; Be Born into Taos with Education, Training, Career & Crafting at your disposal
* Deep non-linear plotlines with numerous sub-plots powered by The Law of Attraction
* Realistic MaelorAI Life Simulation of Game Characters
* 'First of its Kind' Dynamic Music System follows the Player through environments, atmosphere & action triggers
* Unique and powerful Barter Trade system with regional pricing in a dynamic live economy
* Mind blowing atmosphere, graphics and weather effects powered by Trinigy 'Vision'
* Switchable 1st/3rd Person Dynamic Camera System
* Intense Tactical Combat using a 'Unique' Hybrid Real-Time/Timer-Based Conflict System
* Diverse customisable weaponry, conflict options and tactics; Fight, Negotiate or Trade your way out or into danger
* Control a variety of transport & mounts; Haul large caravans of trade items, or create armored mounts for defense
* Build relationships with game characters; Establish career, wealth, power and fame​

Thanks, Lingwe

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