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Merry Prankster Take You To The World Tree

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Merry Prankster Take You To The World Tree

Game News - posted by Section8 on Fri 7 March 2008, 10:40:32

Tags: Merry Prankster Games; To The World Tree

Merry Prankster Games, a one man independent development house, have offered up an RPG project entitled To The World Tree as a free download since late last year, but it has managed to skip under the Codex's all-seeing eye until now. From the website's blurb:

In To the World Tree you control first a lone adventurer, and later a party of adventurers, as they journey through a mystical world of magic, battle, and mystery, in a quest for the legendary World Tree. To the World Tree is a single-player, party-based, computer role-playing game designed for computers running Microsoft Windows. Best of all, To The World Tree is free for your personal enjoyment.​
The developer, Geoff Dunbar, intends the game to be a proof of concept for bigger and better things, and a learning experience for himself. From my own pokings and proddings, it seems to be Baldur's Gate style gameplay in a Spiderweb-ish engine with a setting rooted in Norse Mythology. It seems pretty stable and playable, so head on over, check it out, and show some support for another indie. It's also worth having a read of the development blog for a bit more perspective on the game.

Cheers UDM for the heads up!

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