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Leonard Boyarsky Joins the Roundtable

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Leonard Boyarsky Joins the Roundtable

Interview - posted by baby arm on Thu 19 June 2008, 06:44:34

Tags: Leonard Boyarsky

Iron Tower's RPG Roundtable series is nearing godlike proportions with the addition of Leonard Boyarsky. Read on for this former Fallout art director's thoughts on characters, story, and setting.
My first experience in world creation, Fallout, started from an art standpoint. I was heavily immersed in retro 40's and 50's art with a twisted edge at the time (including but not limited to things like the original Batman movie, the City of Lost Children, Brazil, the Hard Boiled comic book) and I became intrigued with the thought of basing our look on the aesthetics of the world of the future as envisioned by the culture of the 1940's and 50's. Once that initial vision was agreed upon, we knew it needed to bleed through the entire feel of the world.

On Arcanum, it definitely started from a more intellectual level. We became enthralled with the idea of an industrial revolution upending a Tolkien style world. That initial inspiration immediately started us thinking about how the politics of a world like that would play out, and how that would inform our quests, NPCs, storylines, etc. While the early heavy industrial machinery look was very inspirational to us from an artistic standpoint, it also became a fitting thematic element as it was literally crushing the magic out of the world.

The challenge on Vampire:Bloodlines was different – we were working with an already established world, so our approach was to drill down to what we felt was the essence of that world, what intrigued people about it, and those elements were the ones we then focused on building the world around.

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