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Dungeon Hero - big blocks of text are outdated

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Dungeon Hero - big blocks of text are outdated

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 20 July 2008, 11:30:24

Tags: Dungeon Hero

1up have taken a look at Dungeon Hero. It's about the third preview now which has expressed some concern about the combat:

NPCs go about their business just as you might expect -- the developers dubbed a particularly party-happy bunch as the "Gamecock Goblins." The story plays out more from paying attention to these little tidbits and sticking them together into plot arcs than it does from big blocks of text, which feel outdated to the developers at Firefly.

The combat system, however, doesn't seem to be fully implemented yet. The main takeaway here is that instead of having combos, you mostly use face buttons to perform actions while fighting packs of enemies. As you level up, you explore skill trees, which automatically upgrade actions assigned to whichever button you press. Say you're facing an enemy who has a shield. If you have the shield-break move unlocked, pressing the heavy-attack button automatically brings out that new action without you having to think about it.

The boss battle at the end against an ogre with small Godzilla-esque spikes on his back and pointy fingers is appropriately ugly -- in a good way. The developers also mentioned a multiplayer mode. But it's not the co-op we're hoping for -- it's more like an arcadey minigame experience.​
I'm glad to see developers are finally doing away with old-fashioned text and going with the much newer audio and visual approach. It's advancements in technology like this that push the gaming industry forward.

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