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GoldenLand Q&A at PC-Gaming

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GoldenLand Q&A at PC-Gaming

Interview - posted by Mistress on Sun 8 December 2002, 16:17:50

Tags: Golden Land

PC-Gaming have posted an interview with some of the team at Burut regarding their upcoming title GoldenLand.

"What can you tell us about combat and fighting?

The combat system uses the role system's capacities to the full and does the following:

Many weapon types have magic powers that extend their range of action; there are also unique weapon types that cause different damage with different types of enemies.
Shooting weapon (arbalests, bows) use various ammunition (arrows, arbalest bolts); damage caused depends on the ammo type used. Blow series provide an opportunity to cause additional damage in one turn once the player has reached a certain weapon mastering level. Advanced enemy behavior algorithm that takes into account their location and surface relief, as well as the enemy's combat tactics. The enemies have their own inventory and use various spells and potions during battles. Opportunity to determine the behavior of squad members during a battle and select their ammunition and weapon so that to use their abilities in the best possible way. Blows targeted at a certain body part cause extra damage.
Opportunity to create your own objects using forgery. Objects wear out as you use them which changes their parameters a lot. For instance, weapon's accuracy decreases with time just as protective ability of armor does. This will require careful maintenance and timely repair so that the sword of the character doesn?t get blunt and turn into a heap of broken fragments. AI has intolerance to different races."​

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