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LambdaRogue Moves Ahead

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LambdaRogue Moves Ahead

Game News - posted by baby arm on Thu 2 October 2008, 07:08:28

Tags: LambdaRogue

Action-packed roguelike LambdaRogue has moved on to version 1.2. Here's the key changes:

- rare items, unique items and potions (except the ones you have bought already in a shop) have to be identified
- 2 new monster abilities: "heal" and "weaken"
- new graphics for several monsters in graphical big tile mode (antbee, cavebat, watchdog, ghost, holetoad, medusa, nightmare, undead) --> Thanks to Mingos for creating them!
- in graphical mode, a health bar is shown above attacked monsters, indicating remaining HP; in ASCII mode, the color of monsters indicates their health​
In other RL news, Temple of the Roguelike interviewed Jeff Lait, creator of the relatively popular POWDER.

Thanks to Mario for the Lambda news.

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