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LambdaRogue 1.4

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LambdaRogue 1.4

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 24 December 2008, 00:53:15

Tags: LambdaRogue

Mario sends word that LambdaRogue has hit version 1.4. In this episode:

- enhanced main quest and new sidequests, including the epic search
for a danger from the past
- re-balanced nearly everything, to smoothen the gaming experience
- new dungeon features
- enhancements to the magic system
- lots of interface improvements, both in SDL and in console mode
- an overall new look and feel (at least in SDL mode)
- two additional music tracks
- sound effects (in addition to the music)
- tons of bug fixes and minor changes

The detailed changelog is available in the download archives.

If you like the game or want to support me, consider to have a look at
the "Feelies" link

I'm very happy that I made it before christmas, and I hope you like
the updates. Feel free to comment in the LambdaRogue forums. :)
I'm dubious about any website that has a section called "feelies".

Thanks Mario!

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