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Lethal Dreams Development Report at RPGVault

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Lethal Dreams Development Report at RPGVault

Development Info - posted by Mistress on Fri 13 December 2002, 17:11:06

Tags: Lethal Dreams: The Circle of Fate

RPGVault have posted the second in their series of Lethal Dreams development reports.

"We had a pretty good idea being able to ally with NPC keepers so they would fight against other NPCs and keepers. But it doesn't happen that often (at least to me) to come to agreement with the keeper or to capture a domain by seizing its center without the keeper. And being able to take certain NPCs with you raised some issues too. First, there are only a certain number of them - not all that many. As well, the virgin from the lake of tears is worth nothing without her lake, and the fire spirit without boiling magma is the same. Well, you could take the captain but he will die sooner or later because his tendency to be diplomatic will not work against hundreds of enemies. In the end, we put this idea aside, and everything is done better without it."​

Thank goodness....

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