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Ken Rolston's Big Huge Games RPG cancelled

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Ken Rolston's Big Huge Games RPG cancelled

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 10 April 2009, 05:24:18

Tags: Ken Rolston's RPG

Remember this? I don't either but apparently it's now been cancelled because Big Huge Games have gone under. However, they've released a bunch of artwork and a movie at Kotaku:

The other looked more ambitious. Called Ascendant, it was intended to be an epic fantasy RPG title for the PC, 360 & PS3. It appears Ascendant was a little further along than God: The Game, since it has screenshots and even a rough, rough cut of a trailer (which you can see below), but like the Wii title, it looks to be clutching its visual inspiration - in this case Fable - a little too close to the chest.

With the studio either up for sale or on the verge of closure, though, both of these projects have been cancelled. You can take a look at the art assets and screenshots below.​
"Epic"? Nuts, I'm sure it would've been awesome. Your shoulder pads even got bigger as you levelled up! How cool would that be? Awesome-cool. That's right. Kotaku has a bunch of screenies so be sure to follow the link.

Spotted @ GameBanshee

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