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*Another* Arx Fatalis Review, this time at Just RPG

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*Another* Arx Fatalis Review, this time at Just RPG

Review - posted by Mistress on Tue 17 December 2002, 01:16:51

Tags: Arx Fatalis

Just RPG have posted their review of Arx Fatalis. They give it a B+, or 85% if you prefer ;)

"I do not like the spell system as well. I know that they wanted to try and introduce an interesting way to cast spells but it is tiresome to have to repeat specific patterns when it would have been so much easier to just cast a spell by clicking on it. You can often make this easier through memorizing spells in which you perform the desired motions and save them for later use, but continuing to repeat these specific patterns over and over is what I find frustrating and not to my liking at all. The novelty that this type of spell casting brings wears thin after awhile."​
I have to say, it does sound a little frustrating....

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