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Fallout: Vegas Interview and 'How it must be different'

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Fallout: Vegas Interview and 'How it must be different'

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 21 April 2009, 05:08:34

Tags: Fallout: New Vegas

It has begun. ShackNews are first out of the gate with their Pete Hines interview:

Shack: When did Bethesda start thinking about a Fallout spin-off?

Pete Hines: It's something that we've discussed at night for a while, and just had talked about doing. And we said, well, if we're going to do this, we want to do it with the right kinds of folks, and the folks that could do right by it, have the right kind of experience, the right background.
Shack: So you asked them for a pitch, as opposed to pitching them a project.

Pete Hines: Correct, correct. And honestly, generally speaking, that's how it works best, which is: you've gotta have people who are really vested in the idea that it's their creation. "This is what makes us excited. If we could do this, this is what we would want to do."
Shack: You guys trademarked the Fallout name for movies and television recently. Was that related to a specific project, or..?

I can tell you, we've gotten a ton of interest about those kinds of things, not just with Fallout, but over the years. And it was just a, "Let's make sure that we're protecting what is ours and not letting somebody else do anything with it." So it's more of that, and it is not in response to any specific project or initiative or anything in particular.​
Official XBAWX Magazeen have their article on how Vegas can improve on Fallout 3:

1. Grenade Throwing
2. Less Isolation
3. Better Ending: After battling your way through the wasteland, discovering what happened to your father and finally resolving the main plotline, you're rewarded with... some artwork slides. Huh?
4. No 'Dead Quests': Having to find 30 Quantum Nuka Cola bottles would have been a lot easier if you hadn't been happily selling them off throughout the early stages of the game when you didn't know any better.
5. Stronger DLC​
Yes. Fallout can be improved by removing the end-game slideshow, making more obvious quests and getting rid of the isolation from the Post-Apocalyptic environment. Somebody shoot OXM now.

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