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Angband 3.0.2 available

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Angband 3.0.2 available

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 22 December 2002, 12:55:57

Tags: Angband

Angband 3.0.2 is now available for download. For those who don't know, it's basically a Middle Earth type rogue-like that features town locations and quest generation. Naturally, the source code is also available. Here's a partial list of fixes:

Changes in Angband 3.0.2:
- Limited the maximum size of floor stacks to 23, so that get_item() can always display a list containing all objects.
- Renamed 'genocide' to 'banishment' and 'mass genocide' to 'mass banishment' since that name fits much better to the effect. The priest's 'banishment' spell has been renamed to 'banish evil' to avoid confusion and since that is what it actually does.
- Replaced silver arrows and bolts with mithril ammo since slay evil was too powerful.
- Changed the color of seeker bolts to green since there are so many 'light blue' ammo objects now.
- 'Golden staves' had the wrong color. (John I'anson-Holton)
- Improved indentation of the object descriptions in the character dump. (Andrew Sidwell)
- Destruction/Earthquake spells didn't properly destroy stacks of objects. After saving and loading the game, parts of the stacks were restored. (reported by Matthias Kurzke)
- Zapping a stack of recharging rods would instantly recharge all but one of them. (Tormod Haugen)​

There is now support for David Gervais' 32x32 tileset too.

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