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Throwing Tactically in LambdaRogue

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Throwing Tactically in LambdaRogue

Game News - posted by Jason on Sat 3 April 2010, 07:21:04

Tags: LambdaRogue

LambdaRogue just had an update to version 1.5.2.

The new version introduces ways of interaction to the game that have long been missed, namely item combining, and throwing. Additionally, balancing has been worked on again, to fill some, well, "difficulty gaps" in the mid-game.

To combine one item with another, simply drop both items at the same dungeon tile. The dropping order is irrelevant. Currently, there exist about 25 possible combinations, many of them involving usual comestibles. Future updates will bring additional variations. If items can't be combined, you'll receive the message that there is no space on the dungeon tile, as in previous releases.

To throw an item at a creature, press the newly introduced Throw-button, which is [T] by default. Then select an item and enter a direction. You can throw as far as your field of view goes. If your item hits a creature, the item falls to the ground. If your item hits a solid wall, it will be destroyed, so -- throw tactically. The inflicted damage depends on your strength, the type of item, possible long-range bonuses your equipment might have, and a little bit luck.​
Finally, a roguelike that will let you experience the joy of putting random shit together and throwing it at people.

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