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Goodfire updated

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Goodfire updated

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 1 January 2003, 12:51:17

Tags: Star Hammer

The Sci-Fi themed roguelike, Goodfire has been updated for those looking for a little gunplay in their dungeon crawling. Here's a list of changes:

Complete changelog:
- added support for larger maps using alphaman-style map-by-map "scrolling"
- the town is now surrounded by wilderness
- added new command 'character info'. Type '@' to invoke it.
- implented "brith giver" monster
- player needs LOS to shot now.
- added "acid spitter genie". A ranged combat monster.
- added "star fox" monster. You can hunt it in the wilderness. drops "Star Fox Fur". can be sold in town to make money.
- added targeting
- added unarmed combat
- misc. stuff​

Nifty stuff there! It's interesting to see some of the Fallout influences in this one.

Spotted this at YARNS.

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