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Shadowflare episode 2 review at GameSurge

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Shadowflare episode 2 review at GameSurge

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 2 January 2003, 21:30:12

Tags: Shadowflare

GameSurge has reviewed up Shadowflare's episode 2. They gave it a nice 60%.

The gameplay of Episode 2 follows directly on after the end of Episode 1. This means, not only does a prior installation of E1 need to exist, but you will also have to play though and finish it before continuing onto the next part.

Although the game does follow though a storyline, it is not designed with a strong sense of plot development. Rather it is action oriented, as the player enters new lands to engage the enemy forces and take on missions such as retrieving lost items, or killing "boss" characters.​

I still can't believe they make you play through or buy the first episode to get the second's demo. *shiver*

Spotted at Blue's.

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